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Xilamuren Grassland

Grassland seems like a symbol of Inner Mongolia. Blue sky and green ground would make a perfect picture for photographers, and provide relaxation for people who deal with too much pressure in daily life. With such an open sky, you can lie on the ground just doing nothing, or you can shout out to the sky, letting go of your unhappiness.


In Mongolian language, Xilamuren means “yellow water”, and some people would like to call it “Zhao River”. This grassland is about 90km away from Hohhot in the north. In summer and fall, there will be green grasses and flowers everywhere. Due to investigation and construction of local government, Xilamuren grassland is well-protected as its natural state.


In Xilamuren Grassland, the Naadam will be held every year. If you are lucky enough to be on the right time, you can watch horse racing, wrestling, and archery. You can even try them by yourself if you are willing to, and the locals would be so much welcoming.


Appreciating the beautiful sceneries of the prairie, feeling the heroic mood of prairie nomads, participating in the grand ceremony of Ovoo Worshipping, enjoying the typical delicacies of prairie nomads, tasting the unique and robust culture of Mongols, and watching the fascinating prairie sunrises and sunsets are all lifelong unforgettable.


The grassland has a large temperature difference between day and night, so you will want to be prepared for this by taking enough clothes for the evening.

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