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Mutton Shumai

Shumai is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling, originating from Hohhot, another major city in Inner Mongolia. In Baotou, local people often have breakfast of Mutton Shumai. As one of the traditional Baotou food, you must have a try on this mutton Shumai.


Mongolian Hot Pot

Hot pot is popular all around China, but you cannot miss this opportunity to have a taste on Mongolian Hot Pot here in Baotou, the originated place of famous hot pot restaurant Xiao fei Yang, as known as Little Sheep. The most authentic Mongolian Hot Pot with mutton from naturally raised sheep is especially delicious.


Finger Mutton

Finger mutton means that you eat mutton with bare hands. It is a tradition that was inherited from generation to generation among herdsmen and hunting tribes on the grassland, and also seen as a welcoming ceremony of visitors. If you are invited by locals to have a meal of finger mutton, be sure to attend because it is not only a friendly signal but also very delicious.


Roasted Whole Lamb

As the name saying, roasted whole lamb is cooked out of a whole lamb. It is the most characteristic and delicious food in Inner Mongolia, and everyone has heard its reputation. Experienced cooks roasted a whole lamb with many condiments, and you better enjoy this meal with others since it is a huge dish.



Many people may have heard about Kumiss since it is not a traditional drink only inside China. In fact, it is popular across Asia, being a traditional beverage of herdsmen, and is made from mare’s milk. As a traditional drink, local people would express their welcoming by letting you finish a cup of Kumiss, and it is definitely worth trying.

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