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Baotou Travel Overview

Baotou, located on the southern part of Inner Mongolian Plateau, is the largest city in Inner Mongolia and serves as an industrial and commercial center. The city has a lot of steel and rare-earth elements factories. Due to this, Baotou is also referred to as “The city of rare-earth” or “The steel city on the grassland”


Baotou holds a great number of attractions, and the most famous one is Wudang Lamasery. Built in 1749, Wudang Lamasery is the largest lamasery in Inner Mongolian. Besides, there are also the Northern Weaponry City, a museum of retired military equipment. Baotou Museum is also a good place to visit, where history and culture of Inner Mongolia are shown here.


Aside from humanity attractions, Baotou has an astonishing natural views which can rare be seen in other cities like Beijing and Shanghai. For people who love nature, here is your best choice. Singing Sand Ravine amazes people with sand which can “sing.”Xilamuren Grassland has such a huge open space that people would feel relieved here. A great number of plants and animals live in Nanhai Wetlands, where has a great variety of landscapes, species, and tourists.


Baotou’s food has a big reputation as well. Roasted whole lamb, kumiss, and braised noodles are all famous delicacies. Because large number of sheep are raised healthily in this huge grassland, mutton here is specially delicious and you can taste roasted whole lamb, which is hard to have in other places.

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