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Baotou Travel Season Tips

Baotou has four distinct seasons. It belongs to a semi-dry continental monsoon climate, and the average temperatures over a year vary significantly.


Spring, starts from March to May, is moderately cold that temperature varies from 1.2°C (34.2°F) to 24.1°C(75.4°F). Summer, starts from June to August, is comfortably cool, even with the highest temperature, thus making it the best season to visit Baotou. Fall, starts from September to November, is slightly colder than Spring, so it is the third-best choice over four seasons to travel. Winter, starts from December to February, is cold with chilly wind, which makes people feel even colder; in other word, not recommended.


Considering wind and humidity, spring is quite windy, and may causing sand storms, which would not be pleasant to encounter. May is the windiest and least humid month, while November is the most humid month.


Months with lowest chance to rain or snow are January, December, and then February, and most precipitation occurs in July, June, and September.


August is the busiest month for tourism in Baotou, and then May and June. Due to the large amount of visitors, the demands for hotels and flights rise sharply, and so do their price. Though it would be the most expensive three months to visit, early booking would save you some costs. Months with least visiting are October, November, and December, but they are also, not surprisingly, the least expensive seasons to visit.


Overall, the ranking of seasons to visit from most recommended to least is: Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter.

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