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Northern Weaponry City

For military enthusiasts, Northern Weaponry City is a perfect place to visit. It is a national 4A-level cannon-themed park which integrates patriotism, national defense education, military culture and entertainment.


In the front gate, there is a statue with a shape of an eagle purely made from bullets’ shells. A number of cannons are also visible from here. The main square covers an area of 5000 square meters, and contains several statues, cultural pillars, and fountains. The scenic spot is composed of two parts, a weapons equipment exhibition center and an underground tourism center.


The exhibition area displays more than 40 weapons, including cannons from the 1941-45 Great Patriotic war against Nazi Germany during World War II, the cannon which was inspected by Chairman Mao in 1959 on the 10th anniversary of the founding of New China, and the sophisticated weapons of the 1960s, missiles which defeated American planes many times. The underground tourism center exhibits the history of China’s national defense in the form of photos and models of weapons, as well as a live ammunition experience center. Tourists can see the weapons, learn some relevant history and knowledge, and enjoy the interactive experience there.


The entrance fee is 15RMB, which is a cheap cost for having a fun time. The location is on the southern part of the intersection of the Binggong Road and Xibu Road, Qingshan district, Baotou.

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