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Haikou Attractions

  • Good appetite in Haikou

    Good appetite in Haikou

    Haikou will never disappoint you in eating. Most renowned Haikou food includes Hainan Chicken Rice, seafood, snack, and Haikou style dessert Read more>>
  • Dongpo Academy

    Dongpo Academy

    Dongpo Academy was originally built in 1098 during the Northern Song Dynasty in memorial of Su Dongpo, a well-known litterateur. It is now a tourist attraction in Hainan. Read more>>
  • The Tomb of Hai Rui

    The Tomb of Hai Rui

    The Tomb of Hai Rui is a key national cultural protection site in Haikou. Hai Rui was a compassionate and popular official of Hainan who lived during the Ming Dynasty. Read more>>
  • Xitian Temple

    Xitian Temple

    Xitian Temple is located in Haikou City of Hainan Province. It covers an area of 1193 square meters. It was originally built in the Ming Dynasty. Read more>>
  • Temple of Five Lords

    Temple of Five Lords

    The Five Gentle Lords Temple consists of five traditional temples and halls that were built in honor of five officials of the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties. Read more>>
  • Haikou Overview

    Haikou Overview

    Haikou is Hainan Island’s capital city which is located at the north edge of the island. Haikou is becoming a new international tourist resort city with all kinds of the tropical culture and scenery. Haikou owns hundreds of modern hotels, resorts and spa, numerous international top-level designed g... Read more>>
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