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Xitian Temple

Why is Xitian Temple Special?


Xitian Temple is located in Haikou City of Hainan Province. It covers an area of 1193 square meters. It was originally built in the Ming Dynasty. All the architectures in Xitian Temple are made of wood and bricks. Pillars and beams are decorated with beautiful pictures and carvings.


Xitian Temple Highlight


It was built by Wang Zuo, who was personnel in Ming Dynasty. When he was the official in Hainan, he did many good things for the local people. Therefore, the following generation constructed the temple to commemorate him.


The temple can be divided into three parts. Between the first part and the second part, there is a courtyard. And between the second part and the third part, there is a pavilion. All the rooms in the temple are decorated with paintings and carvings. On the wall, there are the paintings telling stories. The relief sculptures on the stone pillars are delicate.

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