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Transportation in Yangzhou Travel

There is no airport in Yangzhou, so visitors need to transfer to Yangzhou. The nearest airport is in Nanjing, about 37 miles southwest of Yangzhou. You can take the airport shuttle from Yangzhou to Lukou Airport. Usually, it starts at 8:30, 11:30 or 14:30 daily and stops at Yizheng. There you can find buses that run to the city, or various private transportation options.


Railway Stations


Yangzhou Railway Station

Yangzhou has had the passenger trains since 2004. The train that goes through Yangzhou is part of the Nanjing-Nantong line with about 5 trains departing daily on this route. There are also direct express trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Hankou, Xian, and Guangzhou. You can take the public buses No.22 and 26 to the railway station.

Location: The western suburbs of Wenchang Rd, Yangzhou City


Yangzhou Western Bus Station


Frequent buses are available between Yangzhou and hubs such as Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and beyond. It takes more than one hour to Nanjing and about 45 minutes to the Zhenjiang Railway Station. If traveling between Shanghai, Suzhou and Yangzhou, you will journey across the 3,740 meters long Jiangyin Changjiao Daqiao Bridge which is the longest over the Yangtze River in all of China.

Location: in the junction between Yangjiang Rd and Hanjiang Rd

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