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Yangzhou Food

Yangzhou food, which belongs to the Huaiyang cuisine, focuses on the high quality ingredients, careful and pleasing layouts, freshness and authentic flavors of the food. Also, most ingredients are freshwater products.


Yangzhou Fried Rice

Yangzhou Fried Rice is the most famous one among the entire gamut of Yangzhou cuisine. Nearly all visitors to Yangzhou have tasted the authentic dish. It is usually fried with eggs and scallions and various ingredients, such as shrimp, ham, sausage, sleeve-fish etc. It is also known as “Gold wraps silver”. Cooked without eggs, it’s called “Crystal Rice”.


Santou Banquet

Santou here refers to three kinds of animal head. Santou Banquet comprises of three traditional and widely favored dishes, and they are Braised Chub head, stewed lion head, and grilled pig head. The stewed lion head tastes delicate, the braised chub head is mellow and fragrant, and the grilled pig head has lasting aroma. Santou Banquet is loved by the locals for its fat but not greasy, tender and sweet taste along with the pleasant aroma.


Steamed chicken over bamboo leaves

Steamed chicken over bamboo leaves is a representative dish of Yangzhou cuisine, well known home and abroad for its brilliant outlook, amazing bamboo aroma and wonderful taste. It releases many aromas from itself during the course of cooking and imparts them to the foods being wrapped.


Red Mansions Banquet

Red Mansions Banquet is an innovative course recorded in the famous novel Dream of Red Mansions. It is said the Cao Xueqin, the author of the novel, once stayed in Yangzhou for a period of time. Major component dish offered in the banquet include stewed chicken claw, emerald and white fresh vegetables, dry goose meat, and duck tongue preserved in wine, etc.

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