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Yangzhou Shopping Tips

What to buy


Jade articles

Yangzhou is a famous origin city of exquisite jade articles. There are two types of minerals that are called jade. The kind that was known in ancient China is called nephrite. The other kind of jade mineral is called jadeite. Jade also holds a deep symbolic meaning, conveying beauty, protection, power, and immortality. Even today it's often the choice for a lucky charm for children, in the form of a pendant or bracelet.


Yangzhou lacquer

Yangzhou lacquer has a long history, as early as two thousand years ago in Xihan Dynasty, and it has a quite craft level. To the Yuan Dynasty, Yangzhou has become a national lacquer ware production center. The late Qing Dynasty, Yangzhou lacquer is already flourishing export trade, and the products are sold to Europe, America and other countries, annual sales of more than 20,000 pieces.


Yangzhou pickle

Yangzhou pickles are the flavoring buffets of the banquet. It has four characters, like fresh, sweet, crisp, and tender. It is famous in the whole world, especially popular at home and abroad. There are dozens of varieties,like milk cucumber, assorted vegetables, and so on.


Yangzhou paper-cut

Yangzhou is one of the earliest Chinese paper-cut popular regions. In the Tang and Song Dynasty, people usually have the saying “paper-cut makes a spring”. Yangzhou paper-cut’s design is delicate and beautiful, with high technical content and high appreciation value.


Yangzhou Niupi Candy

Niupi Candy is one of Yangzhou‘s specialties. It tastes sweet, and has a layer of sesame seeds outside. Niupi Candy submits translucent form, and not sticky teeth. It has different kinds of tastes, like Sesame taste, Kumquat taste and so on.


Where to buy


Fluffy Toy Markets

Fluffy Toy Markets is a large-scale market. Prices at the North Gate are relatively lower. Passengers can take public bus No. 20 to the South Gate, or take tourist bus No. 1 or No. 2 to the North Gate

Location: There are fluffy toy markets around the North Gate, West Gate and South Gate of Slender West Lake.

Daqilinge Tea Snack Shop

A well-known and time-honored store in Yangzhou, selling authentic local tea snacks. You can find local snacks like peanut brittle, Jinguo powder and double-ninth cake here.

Location: No.52, Guoqing road, Guanglin District


Golden Engle International Shopping Center

Located at Yangzhou’s busiest area – Wenchangge Square, it is a large comprehensive shopping center with numerous brands. Passengers can take public bus No.12, 26, 29 or 32 to get there.

Location: No.120, South Wenhe Road

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