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Phoenix Island Ecologic Tourism Area

Phoenix Island Ecologic Tourism Area locates in Guangling District, 12 kilometers away from Yangzhou’s city center. It is the most intact wetland landscape on the Jianghuai Plain. It is the only ecological and leisurely resort scenic spot in Yangzhou, with the water area of 138 square kilometers and the land area of 35 square kilometers. It is the National 3A Class Scenic Spot, and the provincial forest park. 
Attractions in Phoenix Island Ecologic Tourism Area
The tourism area sits along the Yangtze River in the south and Shaobo Lake in the north. There are many water channels connected with each other. The natural ecological environments, such as islands, forests, read marshes and wetlands have attracted a large number of migratory birds and small animals to inhabit here. Mulberry and tea trees are widely planted in the tourism area while the fishing is also thriving. 
The tourism area has the coffee bar, barbecue car and campsite. People can take part in various activities such as off-road vehicles, racecourse, jungle flying and the water clubs. 
Chici Huguo Buddhist Temple’s original site locates near Bihu Island. It was built during the middle Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), when the Emperor Qianlong took an inspection tour in Yangzhou. Today’s temple was rebuilt in 2005. With an area of 7,400 square meters, it consists of a group of religious buildings, such as Tianwang Palace, Yuantongbao Palace, Dutian Temple, Guandi Temple and Phoenix Tower. 
Guijiang Ten Dams was also built during Emperor Kangxi’s reign period in the Qing Dynasty. The ten dams were used to adjust the water level, facilitate the irrigation, prevent the flood and be open to navigation. It was regarded as one of the four great artificial water conservancy projects in the ancient China.
Ciyun Villa belongs to Lu Lvjun, a famous painter in Yangzhou. He once went to Jingdezhen to study the artworks of porcelain making and he was honored as a great artist in this art field. 
Jufeng Island covers for 17 hectares, which is the smallest island and the most original wetland island in the tourism area. Overlooking the island, it looks like a swan swimming in the lakes’ blue waves. The island is surrounded by forests, vines and wild grasses. It is a perennial habitat for migratory birds such as egrets and wild ducks. It restores the original appearance of nature and is a natural wonderland for animals and plants.

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