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Former Residence of Zhu Ziqing

Former Residence of Zhu Ziqing locates in Yangzhou’s Guangling District. It was built during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), which is a typical courtyard residential building of Yangzhou. Zhu Ziqing (1898-1948), is a famous modern essayist, poet, litterateur, scholar and Democratic pioneer in China. He moved to Yangzhou with his family in his childhood and then settled here. Now his former residence becomes the National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit and a patriotic education base in Yangzhou. 
Layout of the residence
It is a courtyard enclosed in three directions, which is the typical residential style in Yangzhou. It reflects the antique book aroma of this famous and outstanding litterateur. 
The entrance, main halls, courtyard and wing rooms were built by thin bricks and tiles. The window lattices, tables, long desks, cabinets and beds were painted with varnish. Some of Zhu Ziqing's furniture and manuscripts are displayed in the rooms.
The main hall after the front door is bright and clean with simple and unadorned layout and decorations. A statue of Zhu Ziqing is placed in the hall. On the left is the biography of Zhu Ziqing. On the right is Mao Zedong’s and Jiang Zemin's highly praise of Zhu Ziqing's life. The clocks, vases, stone-screen ornaments, candlesticks and Guanyin statues on the desk are furnishings commonly seen in ancient Yangzhou residence. 
On both sides of the main hall are the bedrooms of Zhu Ziqing's parents and children. The bed in the bedroom faces to the south. Under the window stands a desk, where presents “the Four Treasures of Study” including writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper. The blue-pattern writing brush is the most precious one, which was used by Zhu Ziqing for a long time. It was the gift from Zhu Ziqing’s son Zhu Qiaosen in 1992. The bamboo brush pot on the desk is nearly 100 years old. All these things are simple but delicate. 
There is an exhibition hall introducing Zhu Ziqing in three stages in life. The first stage shows Zhu Ziqing’s domestic and marital life, as well as his teenager years. The second one focuses on the career transformation of Zhu Ziqing, from a philosophy student in the Peking University to an icon in the Chinese literary aspect. The last part reveals the transformation of Zhu Ziqing from an ordinary citizen to the Democratic fighter.  
Outside the house is a small courtyard, where lies a small flower garden. The beautiful osmanthus flowers give forth fragrance all year round, bringing comfort and joy. 

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