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Museum of the Tomb of Han Guangling King

Why is Museum of the Tomb of Han Guangling King special?


Covering a hilly area of 33,000 square meters, Museum of the Tomb of Han Guangling King displays the tombs of Liu Xu, the first-generation Guangling King assigned to Yangzhou during the mid-Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C-A.D. 24), and his empress. Both tombs were built in a high grade reserved for emperors and kings and remained in good condition. Liu Xu's tomb alone occupies 230 square meters. An entirely Nanmu structure, the burial chamber was constructed without using a single nail. Items reflecting life at time are exhibited in the museum.


Museum of the Tomb of Han Guangling King Highlights


Museum of Guangling King’s Tomb in Han Dynasty also called Mausoleum of Han Dynasty of Yangzhou. Locating in the east of the Slender West Lake site, it is a cultural and human landscape of historical relics and traditional gardens, reflecting economic and culture of Han Dynasty in Yangzhou.


With undulating terrain, lush trees and magnificent building, the museum has one of the grandest graves which are large-scale, well-structured and 2,000 years old where displays the imperial-level wooden coffin of “Huang Chang Ti Cou” style. (“Huang Chang” is a kind of cypress; “Ti Cou” is a special wooden structure) Inside the tomb, there are several ears of rooms with funeral objects, one after another separated by the door. A large number of cultural relics were unearthed from the tomb, such as silverware, bronze ware, ironware, jade ware, lacquer ware, pottery, and wooden figurines as much as about 1000 sets, including a full set of copper bath, weapons hook shield. It is said that Mausoleum of Han Dynasty is the testimony of historic city of Yangzhou.

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