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Pingyao Shopping Tips

The long and prosperous history of Pingyao left the town amount of ancient buildings as well as a variety of handcrafts and folk arts. Tuiguang Lacquer wares, handmade cloth shoes, paper cuttings are all the most favored local products of Pingyao.


Tuiguang Lacquer Ware


Tuiguang Lacquer Ware (Polished Lacquer Ware) is reputed as one of China’s Four Lacquer Wares. It is a traditional Chinese art which is famous for fine hand-polished surface and graceful designs. Pingyao lacquer ware features elegant and glossy surface. Most lacquer wares are painted with ornaments from Chinese classical novels, dramas or legends.


Handmade cloth shoes


Pingyao handmade shoes are made of cloth, which features unique designs and good quality. The shoes are embroidered with figures of animals and plants. Local people believe that the designs could drive away the evil things and bring good fortune. It is definitely a good souvenir for friends and family.


Pingyao Paper-cuts


Paper cuttings are one of the most renowned traditional Chinese arts. The elements of paper-cuttings made in Pingyao combine facial makeup, animals, trees, flowers and so on. You could also find paper cuttings made of different colors, vividly depicting Pingyao folk culture and even local landscape.


Where to buy


If you want to buy Pingyao souvenir and handmade products, Mingqing Street which is lined with stylish designed shops and stalls is a best place to go. If you are interested in paper cutting art, Jianyi Yuan in Zhengfu Street provides you a good place to see how paper cuttings are made. 

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