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Pingyao Food

Pingyao local food is a part of Shanxi cuisine. A lot of Pingyao snacks are made of wheat. The best place to taste the Pingyao food is Mingqing Street, which is lined with various restaurants.


Pingyao Wantuo


Pingyao Wantuo is one of the most popular traditional snacks. It is buckwheat made and seasoned with a kind of special paste including vinegar, garlic, sesame, aniseed water, hot pepper and other ingredients.


Pingyao bean curd jelly


Bean curd jelly is a kind of Tofu which tastes very soft and tender. Pingyao locals used to mix the bean curd jelly with salty sauce which is made of noodles, soy, starch and various spices.


Pingyao Beef


Pingyao beef is stewed by various seasonings. The meat taste tender and fresh, and features nutritious. It has become an important part of Pingyao eating culture.

If you taste Pingyao beef in the restaurants and want to buy some for family and friends, then vacuum packaged beef sold in several souvenir shops inside the town could be a good choice. Guanyun is the most renowned and welcomed brand among tourists and locals.

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