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Pingyao Travel Season Tips

Pingyao has a hot summer, and a cold and dry winter. The best time to visit Pingyao is in autumn, especially from September to October.


Spring is from March to April. Temperatures hover around 15 °C during the day and 5 °C at night. In spring, the temperature there rises quickly and the temperature difference between day and night is quite large.


Summer from late July to early September is hot and dry, with frequent rainfall in July and August.


Autumn, from late September to October, is the best time to visit Pingyao. In autumn, there are not only sunny days with a pleasant temperature.


Winter is from November to next February. Temperatures can dip down lower than 7 °C during the day and -11 °C at night. Although it is quite cold, the Old City also has its own charming view. What's more, the Spring Festival may give you a deep impression of Chinese New Year.

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