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National Flower Park of China

National Flower Park of China was built in September 2001. It situates on the city ruins of Sui and Tang dynasties, along the southern bank of Luo River of Luoyang in Henan Province. Covering the area of 255 acres, National Flower Park of China is the largest peony park in China. In the garden, there are about 500,000 peonies of 9 colors, and other 2,000,000 plants of 1,000 different species. It is selected as the National 4A Class Scenic Spot in 2014 and Henan Province’s 5A Class Scenic Spot. 


From April to early May is the most suitable period to witness the scene of peony blossom in National Flower Park of China. Every year, the park also holds different peony cultural festivals attracting visitors from China and abroad.


National Flower Park of China is based on the history and culture of the Sui and Tang dynasties, and it takes the peony culture as its main feature. It integrates historical culture, peony culture, and garden landscapes together, which fully displays the beauty, and cleanliness of the peony.


Main and interesting sightseeing areas

Garden of Firing Peonies, which is an area consists of firing peonies and a square with a huge gourd and three golden balls. There is a legend about the peonies, that the peonies were grown up from the golden elixirs, which were created with fire by Taishang Laojun, a lord of Taoism. In this way, the peony got the name of Firing Peony.


Pavilion of Qiu Weng and the Peony Area is an area for rare peonies. This spot is formed by five visiting pavilions. The inspiration for this pavilion comes from a story about Qiu Weng and the Peony. Qiu Weng was a farmer in the past. He liked growing peonies and cared for them very carefully, just like taking care of his family, hence this area was built accordingly.


Pavilion of Two Qiao Peony Area, where the two pavilions merge into one here. The two pavilions just like a Two Qiao peony, which is a special kind of peony, having two different colors in one flower. This peony got its name from the two characters during the Chinese Three Kingdom Period (220 -265 A.D.). There are two beauties who are sisters called Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao. The Two Qiao peony got the name from the sisters because this peony was praised by people for its beauties and specialty.  


Yanxiu Lake and Wuming Hill Area is a beautiful landscape area. Yanxiu Lake covers an area of over 5 acres. Wuming Hill is artificial and has lots of rough caves on it. The waterfall rushing down from the hill brings energy to the whole park.


Butterfly Cultural Garden covers an area of 2,000 square kilometers. This area includes many butterfly elements in the landscape. During the Peony Culture Festival from April to early May every year, there are over 20,000 kinds of butterflies flying around the peonies in this area, which is a charming area for visitors.


Luoyang Stone Writing Museum, which is the first and unique private writing museum in Luoyang. The museum aims to preserve, and present the writing relics from different areas and dynasties, where houses more than 2,000 writing relics and samples.

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