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Luoyang Wangcheng Park

Luoyang Wangcheng Park locates near the Luo River in the west part of Luoyang. Covering an area of about 40 hectares, Wangcheng Park was built in 1955, which is the biggest comprehensive park in Luoyang city, as well as in Henan Province. In every April to early May, it is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of the peony. It is also the main spot for holding the annual Luoyang Peony Festival.


Attractions of Wangcheng Park

Wangcheng Park is divided into five scenic areas: History and Culture Area, Peony Admiring Area,  Peony Culture Area, Wangcheng Zoo, and Amusement Area.


Luoyang Wangcheng Park gained its name due to its location, which is on the ruins site of the Capital City of the Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC-221BC). Located in the west of the park, people can learn the history, architectural style, and culture of the Zhou Dynasty in the History and Culture Area. People can also visit the cultural relics, which reflect the glamour of the Zhou Dynasty, such as the Jishengzhu Tablets, Shenyuantai Hall, Jicheng Hall, Zhou Memorial Pavilion, and Mingdemen Gate.


Every year from April to May, the most attractive site should be the Peony Admiring Area of Wangcheng Park. This area consists of three gardens, Luoyang Peony Garden, Rockii Peony (Purple Speckle Peony) Garden, and Herbaceous Peony Garden. During the Luoyang Peony Festival, hundreds and thousands of peonies bloom together in a majestic display of natural beauty. It has more than 10,000 peony trees of 858 different types. Many good varieties of peonies at home and abroad are cultivated there. 


In the Peony Culture Area, various poems from China's literary giants, and artworks from famous calligraphers and painters are presented here, and each of them praises the beauty of the peony. As the national flower of China, peony was highly favored and praised by celebrities in history. In addition, this area was the venue for the first Luoyang Peony Festival, and the main venue for the successive peony festivals every year.

Wangcheng Zoo locates in the northern area of Wangcheng Park. The zoo has 62 species of wild animals, including giant pandas, South China tigers, Siberian tigers, leopards, and red-crowned cranes, as well as rare foreign animals, such as African elephants, white rhinos, chimpanzees, and kangaroos. As an important breeding base, the zoo has a total of 23 South China tigers, which ranks the first in China.


The Amusement Area in the park features a number of recreational facilities, which help to add additional entertainment for visitors during the trip.

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