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Shuanglang Town

Shuanglang Town is a fishing town with a history of over one thousand years, which locates 36 kilometers northeast of Dali City in Yunnan Province, sitting at the northern bank of Erhai Lake. Spectacular natural scenery of Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake can be appreciated from the town. Thus, Shuanglang Town is regarded as the “Best Town of Canghai”.

Unique Shaunglang Town
Shuanglang Town is one of the important birthplaces of Neolithic Age and Bronze Age civilizations in Dali. It was the important military fortress and naval base of Nanzhao Kingdom in Tang and Song dynasties. It witnessed the Tianbao War during Tang Dynasty and the Du Wenxiu Uprising during Qing Dynasty.

Shuanglang Town is embraced by Jinsuo Island and Yuji Island, hence its name. The town enjoys unique favorable environments, mild climate and authentic ethnic cultures. The town has old and well-preserved dwellings of Bai Ethnic people and cobblestone-paved streets. The main inhabitants are Bai, Yi, Lishu, Naxi and Han Ethnic people, among who Bai ethnic groups are in majority.

Shuanglang Town enjoys a subtropical highland climate with short dry winters, and warm rainy summers because of its geographic location. For over a thousand years, the local people here live in a simple but happy life. The locals make a living by fishing in the Erhai Lake all year around. The delicious foods such as marine fish, mandarin oranges, line rice noodles, hot pots and barbecues can be found inside the town.

The hotels and inns inside the town are often decorated in different themes, which become attractive for the travelers for overnight. They are all equipped with complete and high-quality facilities. Enjoying the charming natural scenery of Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake from the hotels, visitors could also enjoy a peace and quiet life away from the hustle of the city.

There are several festivals related to Buddhism and Taoism in Shuanglang Town. During the Open-Sea Festival, there were folklore performances, such as the Dragon Boat Race and the Bai Nationality Songs Singing. Visitors can also visit specialty workshops and learn the making process, such as milk processing, shipbuilding, Bai embroidery.
Hongshan Temple Fair, a grand festival to the locals, is held on April 15 in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which is a good time to buy various local products.

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