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Shibao Mountain in Jianchuan

Shibao (Stone Treasure) Mountain got its present name because there was a reddish purple rock looking like a stone bell standing on the ground in the mountain.Its 16 grottos and 139 statues make up one of the most beautiful grotto complexes in South China.

The grottos are found in three different areas,namely Stone Bell Temple,Lion Pass and Shadeng Valley.The statues and stone inscriptions are exquisitely carved showing noted figures in the history of the Nanzhao Kingdom (649-902), life in the royal court, political scenes, Buddhist scenes, foreign emissaries, myths, and totem worship.

As a mixture of Han and Tibetan cultures,the grottos have delicately carved statues. There are also drawings and inscriptions carved on the rock faces by some of the many specialists, scholars, and tourists that have visited there since the time of the Tang Dynasty (618-907).


One of the three treasures of Shibao Mountain is the danxia, a landform that dates back to 600 million years. It is made up of red sandy stones in the shape of petals and covers an area of three square kilometers.


Stone dominate the majority in landscape to display their distinctive posts and forms. Danxia Landform Stones of various forms can be seen on Shibao Mountain such as stone flowers, stone animals.

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