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Dali Travel Overview

Situated target="_blank" title="Erhai">Erhai Lake, Dali was the capital of Yunnan for five centuries when the city governed its own affairs. Now, as a tourist hotspot of Southwest China, it is renowned for its peaceful scenery and the colorful Bai ethnic culture that dominates there.

With the combination of the Three Pagodas, the Chongsheng Temple, the ancient city of Dali, the huge beautiful Erhai Lake, and the magnificent Cangshan Mountain, the whole area of Dali is just magnificently stunning. Pictures c...
  • How to Arrange Your Dali Trip
    Recommended attractions A. must-go places Dali Ancient Town Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple Erhai Lake Cangshan Mountain Xizhou Ethnic Village B. Other Recommends Butterfly Spring Dali Museum C. Nearby attractions Jizu Mountain in Bi...
  • Dali Travel Season Tips
    Dali is located in a plateau with low latitude. The low latitude and high altitude form a kind of climate that has four non-distinctive seasons. It is neither too hot nor too cold in Dali all the year round. The best time to visit Dali is from Mar...
  • Transportation in Dali Travel
    Dali New City vs Dali Old Town Dali is the capital city of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture. It consists of Dali New City (known as Xiaguan) and Dali Old Town. The local government keeps new city and old town separate. Owing to the distance of abo...
  • Dali Food
    Dali Cuisine is also referred as cuisine of Bai Ethnic Group, which features spicy, sour and widely using of fresh material. Stewed Carp in Sand Pot Stewed Carp in Sand Pot, which is called Sha Guo Yu in Chinese, is target="_blank" title="Erhai">E...
  • Dali Shopping Tips
    What to buy Dali Marble Since the Tang Dynasty (618~907), Dali has got to be renowned for producing high quality marble which is quarried from the Cangshan Mountain. With the development of workmanship, the marble can be processed into decorations...
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