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Dali Ancient Town

Dali Ancient Town underwent many phases of prosperity as well as decline, only the city base remains till today. Walking on the roads, tourists can explore the mysterious history and taste the unique culture.

The Ancient Town is dated back to the year 1382 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is said that Dali Ancient Town was a gateway to the Silk Road in Southwest China in ancient times.

The city layout was uniform, while marketplaces were neatly arranged within the city, which has remained unchanged to this date. When people walk along the cobble-paved streets in the ancient city, a sense of primitive simplicity and elegance will be invoked.

Besides the Bai ethnic minority traditional folk houses, the houses all with grey-green roof tiles, peculiar workshops, temples, schools and churches with an antique flavor are scattered.

Traditional artworks made of marble, such as pencil vases, striped screens, and a variety of woven handicrafts made of fine straw are laid chockablock on both sides of the street to be appreciated and purchased.

The newly–opened Foreigner Street is also a must-see, providing snacks with the traditional flavors of the Bai ethnic community, as well as the famous “Three-course Tea” ceremony for receiving guests that includes 'bitter tea', 'sweet tea' and 'final tea'.

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