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Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake, named after its ear-shape, is one of the seven biggest fresh water lakes in China. The beautiful scenery and limpid waters of Erhai Lake are very charming and attractive.

Erhai Lake is a barrier lake formed after a fault foundering of the earth's crust. On the boundless expanse of the lake, there are steamers, sailing boats, and flying birds.

With the reflections of Cangshan Mountain in the placid water, accompanied by Bai girls in bright-colored costumes on the shore or in fishing boats, the picturesque scenery makes you feel relaxed and content.

Erhai Lake is as bright and beautiful as a mirror. During a clear night, the moon is mirrored in the wide lake and people call it the “Erhai Moor” which is one of the four best sights of Dali.

Located at the northeast shore of Erhai Lake, Double Corridors is famous for its two beaches, Lianhua and Luoshi which look like two corridors. Sand here is bright and clear, as soft as a piece of cotton.

Looking at the lake from here, one can see the endless lake surface, so green and so clear, with wave reflecting sunshine. The white clouds are above the lake and white sails go around. A picture is so charming so grandiose that one will not want to leave.

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