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The city of Kunming is a paradise for Chinese ethnic products lovers. You could find all kind of products of ethnic groups including Bai, Yi, Dai, and so on.

What to buy

Wax Print
The art of producing wax prints is an ancient tradition of many ethnic groups living in the Yunnan area. The wax print of Yunnan Province features colorful with unique and complex geometric patterns and naturalistic ornaments.

Sani Handbag
The Sani Handbag is made by Sani (a branch of the Yi ethnic minority in Yunnan Province) women. The Sani Handbag is worldwide famous for the superb craftsmanship, exquisite patterns and designs. It is a representative of excellent Sani handicraft skills.

Dai Brocade
Dai Brocade is reputed as the most elaborate brocade of China, thanks to the women of the Dai ethnic groups who are skilled in weaving silk brocade. Brocade products could be used to make curtains, pillow cases, sofa covers and wall tapestries. Tourists could find a wide variety of Dai brocade products in Kunming with reasonable price.

If you want to buy these ethnic products, Nanping Street is a good place to go.

Besides, Flower Markets in Shangyi Street are quite famous. The Flowers and Birds Market is located in the Kunming’s downtown area, and is the city's biggest and most popular bazaar. Visitors can purchase all kinds of flowers and birds, as its name suggests, one can also find a wide array of knick-knacks, souvenirs, fish, turtles, rodents, and many other items on sale. The market offers the typical Chinese shopping atmosphere with bargaining shoppers and shrewd shopkeepers.

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