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In Kunming, you will find a wide array of delicious dishes, not only in the restaurants, but also at street stalls. Some of the most famous Kunming dishes include the following:

Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles

Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles is definitely the most famous Yunnan Dish. The dish is prepared in three stages: Firstly, certain amount of meat pieces and seafood (such as squid and sliced fish) are placed in a large bowl, to which is filled with hot chicken broth and topped with oil. The meat pieces might include cooked or raw meats, or a mix of the two. Then, vegetables are added and the dish is allowed to simmer a few minutes longer. At last cooked rice noodles are added.

Steam Pot Chicken

Steam Pot Chicken is called one of the most tender and most flavorful dishes throughout China. The dish is made in a double boiler with a twist. The unique double boiler permits steam to enter the top pot, in which the chicken and/or other meat is placed. Steam Pot Chicken is savored with a number of flavorful spices, and it takes about 3-4 hours to steam the chicken to make the chicken soft and tasty.  

The dish was developed at the court of Emperor Qianlong, the sixth emperor of the Qing Dynasty (CE 1644-1911). After the Revolution of 1911, Steam Pot Chicken was slipped past the walls of the Forbidden City and was embraced by the common people.

Er Kuai

Er Kuai (a kind of rice cake) is a kind of high quality cooked rice pressed into irregular shape. Er Kuai is a very popular native Yunnan snack, and it is also a must-eat dish for Lunar New Year celebrations. Locals love to roast Er Kuai over a charcoal fire, and serve with soybean paste. Roasted Er Kuai is also a favorite food for breakfast.

Smoked Smelly Bean Curd

Smoked Smelly Bean Curd (smoked tofu) is one of the most popular snacks in Kunming. Actually it is simply pieces of tofu that has been smoked over a charcoal fire. It smells weird but really tasty! You could even find it at each street snack stalls.

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