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Zhengzhou Travel Overview

Zhengzhou City is the capital of Henan Province. It locates in the south bank of Yellow River in China. It is one of the National Central Cities in China and serves as the political, economic, technological, and educational center of Henan province, as well as a major transportation hub in China.


To travelers, Zhengzhou is a convenient starting point to explore a series of Chinese tourist cities and cultural sites, like Kaifeng, Luoyang and Shaolin Temple. Historically, Zhengzhou was the capital of China for a thousand years. Zhengzhou is a national historical and cultural city and also the first destination for the tour in Henan Province.


Meanwhile, Zhengzhou is a National Civilized City, State-list Famous Historical and Culture City, one of the Eight Ancient Capital Cities, one of the significant birthplaces of Chinese Civilization, and the birthplace of the Yellow Emperor.


The name Zhengzhou came from the Sui Dynasty (AD 581), even though it was located in Chenggao, another town. The government moved to the contemporary city during the Tang Dynasty. It achieved its greatest importance under the Sui (AD 581–618), Tang (618–907), and early Song (960–1127) Dynasties, when it was the terminus of the New Bian Canal, which joined the Yellow River to the northwest.

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