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Jade Sculpture Art


Jade sculpture art has 3,000 years’ history in Henan. The jade sculptures are sold throughout Southeastern Asia, Western Europe and Northern America and other countries. These jade items are emerald green and translucent with a hard quality, features that are considered to be necessary for classical jade ware by experts.




Honeysuckle is another local product from Xinmi, Zhengzhou. It is a kind of common and efficient Chinese herb used to allay sunstroke.


Huanghe (Yellow River) Inkstone


Huanghe inkstone is made from a clay deposit from the Yellow River. Blended with herbs, this inkstone is one of the four famous inkstones that have been used by calligraphers and artists over the centuries. Huanghe inkstone in vermilion or an eel yellow is highly recommended and both of which were popular among emperors and the literati of ancient China.


Where to buy


Erqi Business Circle


Erqi Business Circle is the most prosperous and influential commercial center in Zhengzhou. There are a number of large commercial buildings and shops. The Dehua Commercial Pedestrian Street here has a history of hundreds years. It gradually developed from a small street from the late Qing Dynasty to become a famous Chinese street.


Bishagang Business Circle


Bishagang Business Circle is the most concentrated business district in the west of Zhengzhou City. They are scattered around the pedestrian street in front of the Zhengzhou Commercial Building. There are also many restaurants settled in.


Huayuan Road Business Circle


Huayuan Road Business Circle is a newly built shopping area, and its shopping facilities are the best. The shopping environment is also very nice. The goods here are more expensive than others as well.


Dennis Mid Town Seven


It is the largest Dennis shopping center in Zhengzhou. It not only contains department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, but also theaters and home shopping. From Town 1 to Town 7, the row of shops and department stores make you dazzled. Town 1 and Town 2 are connected, and the products are women’s and sports’ clothing. Town 3 to 6 are connected. Town 3 is the world of men. Town 4 and 5 are furniture world. Town 6 is a supermarket. Town 7 is independent and dominated by entertainment and restaurants.

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