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Xi'an produces high quality walnut, pomegranate, cured Beef, and Chou Jiu (a kind of local wine). Tourists could buy these local foods at supermarket or food stores. Muslim quarter is also a good place to buy local specialties.

You could also buy some souvenir in Xi'an, including rubbings of stone stele, tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, statues of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, and so on.

Souvenir Markets

Shu Yuan Men
Shu Yuan Men is located near the Bell Tower in Beilin District. Shu Yuan Men is a well-known ancient-style street by the ancient City Wall and behind the Forest of Steles. Numerous local arts and crafts including replicas of antiques, paintings and paper-cuts are sold on the crowded street all year round. It is a place that most tourists like to come to on their first visit to Xi’an.

Xi'an Antique Market
Xi'an Antique Market is located in the Middle of Zhuque Avenue, Yanta District, near the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. The market features all kinds antiques produced in different dynasties. However, it is better to be aware that very few of the exquisite looking products are genuine antiques.

Wenbaozhai Tourist Shopping Center
Located in Yanta Bei Road, Beilin District, Wenbaozhai enjoys a sound reputation among tourists. There are silk, woolen blankets, silk clothing, jewels, jade articles, calligraphy, paintings, historical relics, antiques, clay models of the warriors and horses, and models of the bronze chariots and horses on offer.

Huxian Farmer Painting Gallery
Huxian Farmer Painting Gallery is situated in Huoju Road, Xincheng District. The Gallery exhibits a great number of paintings produced by farmers. You can also find a lot of folk crafts such as paper-cuts and shadow puppets. If you are interested in the craftsmanship, the craftsmen could teach you how to paint a puppet and cut paper. It is a popular shopping place for tourists from other provinces of China and foreign countries.

Department Stores
Centralized in Bell Tower area, Gaoxin area and Jiefanglu area, there are several departmental stores offering high quality products including clothes, cosmetics, jewelries and household electrical equipments. World famous brands are available in most of those department stores. The most famous ones include Minsheng Department Store in Jiefang Road, Parkson Shopping Center in West Street, Central Intime Square in West Street and Printemps China Department Store in Chang’an Street.

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