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Xi'an Travel Overview

Xi'an is one of China's greatest ancient capitals. Situated on Guanzhong Plain, the city is surrounded by hills, mountains and rivers. Xi'an's abundance of cultural and historical sites makes it 'Natural History Museum'.


Xi'an embodies splendid culture with a long history of more than 3000 years. Since the beginnings of the earliest Chinese civilization, Xi’an had been served as the capital for twelve dynasties. At one time it was the centre of oriental culture on the Silk Road trading route and many dynasties maintained the city’s beauty and magnificence. The emperors of the various dynasties also left impressive monuments to themselves, having magnificent mausoleums constructed.


Xi'an also features splendid tourism resource, including the two most renowned sites, Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, and the City Wall of the Ming dynasty (14th to 17th centuries). Besides, 3,000 year-old Neolithic Banpo village (dating back to 8000 to 5000BC) stands at the edge of the city, the Forest of Stone Steles (featuring 3,000 inscribed stone tablets from the Han through the Qing dynasties), Famen Temple which is a sacred site to Buddhists and Mount Huashan all attract tourists from all over the world.


Xi'an boasts various local snacks. The most popular ones include Motton Paomo, Liangpi, Roujiamo, and so on. The most famous and popular food street of the city is the Muslim Snacks Street.

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