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Wuyuan in winter

Tourists usually think there is nothing special to see in Wuyuan during wintertime, however, if one is a fan of Chinese festivals, maybe he or she would be attracted to local celebrations during the traditional Chinese New Year.


Nuo Dance Performance


Nuo dance is one of the oldest dance performances throughout Chinese history. It could be traced back to the ancient society which is more than 4, 000 years ago from now. Nuo dance is the sacrificial dance in ancient time and it had become to the most important dance performance in the West Zhou Dynasty. Nuo dance has been selected into Chinese non-material cultural heritage list. If you want to see the best-preserved Nuo dance performances, pay a visit to Changjing Village, Qiukou Town on lunar Jan.2 or Jan.3 where authentic Nuo dancers are preparing to amaze your eyes.


Bandeng Dragon Dance


Bandeng Dragon Dance is a traditional celebrating activity in South China. When the lunar New Year comes to town, people will put long lanterns on long stools and work together to connect the lanterns into the shape of a Chinese dragon. It is quite lively and spectacular for local residents and visitors to see. If you want to see scenes like this, better visit villages in Wuyuan during Chinese New Year festival.

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