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Wuyuan in summer

Summertime in Wuyuan, although has been regarded to be slack season for local tourism, actually has its unique flavor. The monsoon in Wuyuan is from May to July while abundant rainfall will cool down the heat to advance the area into a countryside summer resort. Hiking, fishing, adventuring… so many interesting things are waiting for travelers to explore!


Wolong Valley


Walking along a boulder-strewn stream up into the hills past pretty sceneries for about 1.5h, the easy hiking will lead travelers to the hidden scenery of Wolong Valley: two magnificent waterfalls, named as White Dragon and Big Dragon, cascading down sheer cliff faces. When the rainy season arrives, the two giant waterfalls could be extremely grand sight.


2-4 travel buses arrive here daily from Wuyuan County. The 1h bus service will cost passenger ¥16.


Opening time: 08:00-17:00


Lingyan Karst Caves


There are 36 karst caves situated in the 5 km² scenic area. When summer comes, cool caves become good places for tourists to escape from annoyed heat. Free introduction is provided here by local tour guides every 30 minutes. Sightseers could taste the magical natural resources of Wuyuan during the 45-minute exploration.


Opening time: 08:00-17:00


Hongguan Village


50km north of Wuyuan, Hongguan Village dates back to 1127 in the South Song Dynasty. It used to produce the best Huizhou inkstick but today it earns its great reputation for the old camphor tree standing in front of the village. The authentic Huizhou old houses and stone-flagged paths are also worth a visit. By the way, the village is free for entrance.


Opening time: all day              

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