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Wuyuan cuisine is a branch of Anhui cuisine, one of the Chinese Eight Cuisines. Anhui chefs pay more attention to cooking temperature and they are famous for the sophisticated artistry of stewing and braising. On the base of this, Wuyuan cuisine also has its unique flavor.


Wuyuan Red Carp

Red carps in Wuyuan (Cyprinus carpio Red var vuyuanensis) are a special kind other than red carps elsewhere. This kind of fish tastes more tender and softer than others. It was also considered to have medicinal functions.

Local residents cook red carps in two ways: one is to braise the fish in soy sauce, the other one is to steam it in soup. Both are worth a taste.


Stewed Tofu

Wuyuan local cuisine rise fame to their experienced stew art. The stewed tofu is the most famous specialty. It is cheap but really delicious. You could taste the most authentic dish in every local restaurant there.


Steamed Meat

With mouth-watering aroma, the steamed meat you eat in Wuyuan is fat but never greasy. Many vegetables such as beans, lotus roots, fiddlehead ferns, eggplants, carrot, dried long beans and chilies are used to steam with the pork. Those added vegetables improve the flavor of the dish to a new level.

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