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Wuyuan in autumn

When summer has gone, the romantic autumn falls down to Wuyuan. In autumn, especially the period starting from October to late November, maple leaves saturate fields and hillsides in great splashes of red hence Wuyuan becomes a paradise for photographers and tourists. Fiery mountains, blue sky, white walls and dark-grey roofs are fused together – the scene is breathtaking.


Shicheng Mountain


Situated in Northwest Wuyuan County, Shicheng Mountain is a quite famous tourist site with picturesque scenery. When fall comes down, red maples covering hillsides, together with the ancient villages in the mountain are attractive to tourists and photography enthusiasts all around China.


Strolling down in the villages at the foot of Shicheng Mountain at early morning in autumn, it is common to see transparent white fog rises up softly from the streams winding in the village. When everything becomes hazy and blear, the sunrise is indeed a spectacle. The best position to watch sunrise is on the Shicheng Mountain.


Opening time: 07:00-17:30


Zhifeng Village


Zhifeng Village could probably be the least popular historic village in Wuyuan, however, the memorial archways, reliefs and embossments in Chengyi Memorial Hall have been considered to be treasures beyond price in architectural field. Follow the road to the north, travelers will reach two quiet villages: Kongcun and Kengtou. These villages have not been developed into tourist area for commercial benefits. They are places to find tranquil old China.


Opening time: all day


Zhang Village


Tourists in Zhang Village could see a large rapeseed flower field and the longest single-plank bridge. The village is also famous for fog in mornings – travelers who take an early walk on the bridge in winter will encounter endless whiteness which envelops half of the village. It is the most ideal place to feel atmosphere about the legendary ancient China.


Opening time: all day

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