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Wuyuan Travel Season Tips

Climate is quite friendly to visitors in Wuyuan. Situated in the sub-tropical monsoon region, the area has distinct seasons, plenty of rains and short frost period.


According to statistics, the lowest average temperature in Wuyuan is 16.8℃ and the highest is 28.0℃ usually in July. The recorded extreme maximum temperature appeared on Aug 28, 1967 as 41.0℃; the minimum was -11.0℃ on Jan 16, 1967.


The mean annual precipitation in Wuyuan is 1,962.3mm. Temperatures and humidity rise gradually from January to June and decrease progressively until the end of the year. The rainy season usually starts in April and lasts until the end of June with an average monthly rainfall of over 300mm. The annual maximum amount of precipitation was 3036.8mm in 1998. The rainfall in northeast Wuyuan is much heavier than in southwest and central Wuyuan has less rainfall than the surrounding area.


Due to the frequent foggy, cloudy or rainy weather as well as some geology factors (such as high hills and lush forests), sunshine duration of Wuyuan has large differences in different area. Broadly speaking, sunshine duration in southwest Wuyuan is longer than in the northeast while the plains have more than the mountains.


Wuyuan houses both splendid natural beauty and unique architectural resources so it is an ideal resort for travelers all year round. If must choose a best time, I’ll say in March and April when most of the flowers in blossom.


*Tip: There are many mosquitoes in Wuyuan during summertime. Protective measures should be prepared and it is NOT recommended to wear shorts or skirts.

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