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Turpan Jiaohe Airport

10km away from the city center in NW Turpan, the airport is used to serve local tourism and assist airport in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Province, as well. Flights depart from here could take passengers to all the domestic major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Changsha, Urumqi and so on. It is also the lowest airport on earth (in elevation).

Airport Code:

FlightStats code: TLQ

IATA code: TLQ


Location: 3km away from the cross of road S202 and road 011

Telephone: 0995-8621966


Since there is no official shuttle bus to the airport, the recommended way to get there is by taxi;

Airport service may be paused if the surface temperature is too high.




There are two railway stations in the city: the Central Railway Station and the North Railway Station. The north one is a high-speed railway station.

Booking Online: http://www.12306.cn

Consumer Hotline: 0531-12306


Turpan Railway Station (Central)

Location: Daheyan Town, Turpan City

Telephone: 0995-7656222


Turpan North Railway Station

The north station is the high-speed railway station in Turpan. It is located in the downtown area.

Location: Near the G30 Expressway, Turpan City


Long-distance Bus

Tourists could take buses at Turpan Region Bus Terminal and Daheyan Bus Terminal towards Urumqi, Kashgar, Khotan, Shanshan, Toksun, Korla and other important cities and regions in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The service time is 07:30-20:30 in summer and 8:30-19:30 during wintertime.


Turpan Region Bus Terminal

Location: Chunshulu Road, Turpan City

Telephone: 0995-8522325


Turpan Daheyan Bus Terminal

Location: Daheyan Town, Turpan City

Telephone: 0995-8642229


Shanshan Bus Terminal

Location: On the middle of Xinchenglu Road, Shanshan County, Turpan City

Telephone: 0995-8381360


Transportation in Turpan City



Taxi fare in Turpan is reasonable.

The flag-down fare is ¥7 for the initial 3km;

From 4km, it is ¥1.4/km in daytime and ¥1.6/km in night (00:00-08:00);

Wait for 3 minutes counts as 1km;

When drive beyond 7km, each kilometer will charge passenger for 150% fare.



Since Turpan is small in size, there are only 8 bus lines in the city. They are Bus NO.1-7 and Bus 202. The price of bus ticket is ¥1.


Donkey Cart

Donkey cart is a local transfer vehicle. It usually waits for passengers in spot sites. The price of it is around ¥20.

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