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Turpan Travel Overview

Located in a depression 155m below sea level, Turpan is called China’s “Death Valley” featuring extremely incredible climate which could range from 50℃ in summer to -20℃ in winter, however, it is one of the most interesting destination in China for visitors and tourists from home and abroad.


Turpan is considered to be oasis in desert and the key of the city’s survival is its karez water system. “Karez” in local Uyghur language means “well” and Turpan owes its prosperity to water provided by the canal underground. There is a Karez Paradise situated in the downtown which will tell its visitors about the mechanism of karez system as well as the significance of the well towards Turpan city being an important oasis stopover on the ancient Silk Road.


Due to the extreme climate and abundant underground water, Turpan has grown with quite fabulous landscape sceneries. The most renowned spot is the Mountains of Flames which boasts its fiery-red rocks, mysterious jungles and important status in Chinese legendary Journey to the West.


Had Played vital role in ancient time, Turpan is a place to explore splendid but intricate fading culture in Western China. Visiting Turpan Museum and Jiaohe Ancient City would be an indispensable way to both gain knowledge about Chinese history and broaden one’s horizon.


Come to Turpan to see how blue sky, flaming mountains and green grape vines fused together presenting a contradictory but harmonious nature beauty while explore the past of the thousand-time-honored city.


Recommended Attractions

a.must-go places

Turpan Museum

Jiaohe Ancient City

Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves


b.also worthy to go

Mountains of Flames/Flaming Mountains

Turpan Karez Paradise

Grape Valley

Kumutages Desert Park

Ancient Silk Road

Gaochang Ancient City

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