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Turpan Travel Season Tips

Located in a depression of 155m below sea level in what is called China’s “Death Valley”, Turpan city suffers an extreme weather where summer is long, dry and burning hot and winter is desperately cold.


The whole year average temperature in Turpan is around 14℃ and its average temperature in summertime is 30℃. However, there usually are 99 days in Turpan when temperature is above 35℃ in which 28 days go hotter than 40℃.


Occupying half a year, summertime in Turpan could be unfriendly to visitors for the extreme temperature difference there. Mornings could be a little bit chilly to wake you up with a sneeze but noons are definitely dry and hot, however, when sun fully goes down, evenings will be cool and the coldness will return.


Winter in Turpan is long and cold. The lowest temperature is 17-19℃ below zero.


Best visiting time is from July to September which is the local harvest season.

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