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Mount Taishan

Mount Taishan is located to the north of Tai'an City in Shandong Province, It is reputed as the most venerated of China's five sacred Taoist mountains.


Why Mount Taishan is special


Mount Taishan was elected to the "World Heritage List" in 1987. It is a mountain of outstanding value of aesthetics, geographic science, history and culture. Chinese people used to describe a situation as being as stable as Mount Taishan or a matter as being as weighty as Mount Taishan, giving clear evidence of the great importance of Mount Taishan.


Mount Taishan highlights


Sun rise


Mount Taishan is a perfect place for both tourists who are longing for natural landscape and cultural relics. Among all the natural attractions, perhaps the best scene is the sun rise. Once the sun jumps out of the horizon, it sends the first beam through the leaves of pines onto the rocks shadowed on the darkness. When darkness recedes and day breaks, a ball of fire appears over the horizon. One peak after another catches the sun's beams, until everything comes alive.


Daizong Archway


Daizong Archway, also called Daizong Fang is the beginning of ascending up Mount Taishan. It is a stone lane with four support pillars and three gates, impressive in its boldness and simplicity. There are two steles standing in front recording details of the reconstruction of the Archway of Mount Tai.


Stone Sutra Ravine


Mount Taishan could be called a museum of history and art. Tourists who are interested in calligraphy and sutra could find 1,800 stone sculptures including famous ones such as the Buddhist Diamond Sutra in Sutra Stone Valley, Wordless Stone Tablet and the Scripture of Mount Taishan’s History carved on Tangmo Cliff. Alone the main path, there is a quiet spot, set off from the main path where stands a huge rock inscribed with characters dating back some 1400 years.

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