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Taian Travel Season Tips

The city of Tai'an is situated at the southern foot of Mount Tai, in the heart of Shandong Province. Shandong is a coastal province that lies across the Yellow Sea from the Korean Peninsula. To the north of Shandong Peninsula lies the Bay of Bohai, whose nearest bay to Shandong Peninsula is Laizhou Bay. With distinctive four seasons, Tai’an has different sceneries that vary from spring to winter.


The best time to appreciate spring scenery of Mount Tai is May, and it’s also a perfect time to watch the sunrise of Mount Tai and the full moon rising from the sea of clouds. Spring of Mount Tai is rainy, and the average temperature is around 8℃ to 10℃. Therefore bringing warm clothes and rain gear is advisable.


The weather of Tai'an during summer is really cool with the average temperature of only 17℃. It is a summer resort for tourists to escape from summer heat. Midsummer is the best time to enjoy the summer scenery of Mount Tai when Mount Tai is a vivid picture of lush pines, cascading waterfalls, birds’ singing and riot flowers.


Autumn is the most colorful season of Mount Tai. The peaks are tinged with autumn gold and the valleys are filled with gold fruits and flowers. The days are fine and the sky is clear in these days. Therefore, if you plan to visit Mount Tai, autumn is a perfect time. Early October is the best time to view the autumn scenery of Mount Tai since the days are extremely fine and the sky is blue.


The average temperature of winter in Mount Tai is about -6℃. Mount Tai in winter has another lingering charm, which is a quintessential north county scene. Rime and glaze scenery, the translucent ice blooms glittering in the sunshine, and the soughing wind are all the quintessential countryside sceneries in north China.

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