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Taian Travel Overview

Tai'an is a historic city located beside the Mount Taishan in the middle of Shandong Province. Tai'an is situated close to Qufu(the hometown of Confucius) to the south and Zibo (city of kite) to the east.

Tai'an is a famous tourist destination which embodies the beauty of nature and profound culture since ancient times. Each year thousands of visitors are attracted to Tai’an by the great reputation of Mount Taishan and Temple Dai. Mount Taishan is renowned for its outstanding value of aesthetics, science, history and culture. It was listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage site in 1987.

Each year Tai’an holds International hiking festival at the beginning of September, attracting lots of tourists and sports lovers. The best seasons to visit Tai’an are spring and autumn when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, and the mountain is covered by the green trees and beautiful flowers.

Taian boasts well-developed transportation facilities. A transportation network has been built, principally consisting of railways, express ways, and public transportation. Tourists could also take a flight to Jinan International Airport (the capital city of Shandong Province) and spend only 1 hour to transfer to Tai’an by bullet train.

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