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Taian Shopping Tips

What to buy


The Red Ginseng

It is the root of the red ginseng or red ginseng with white flowers which are both labiates. The red ginseng is herbage living for several years. The root is fatty and thick, and the cortex is red. The caulis is grown with fluff.


Swallow Stone Products

The swallow stone has another name called the bat stone. It is a worm fossil in the scientific name Artemisia, which gains the name because it was found in the Artemisia at first. It is one of the index fossil in late middle period of Cambrian of East Asia, already had a history of 500 million years from today.


The Jade of Mount Tai

Before Qing dynasty, the jade of Mount Tai has already been well-known in China. The jade of Mount Tai produces in the west of Mount Tai. After careful authentication, experts assigned name to it. It can be divided into Jasper of Mount Tai, Black jade of Mount Tai and Green jade of Mount Tai. The black jade in Mount Tai is a kind of black stone of the local product in Mount Tai. Stone quality is fine and smooth, and the color and luster is glossy black. The container made of such jade can change the water qualities, cure rickets, refresh brain and prolong longevity.


Red Sandalwood Ink Stone

Made of the stone carving of red sandalwood, the stone of the red sandalwood had another name called the wooden fish stone. It is a purple brown stone, formed in the Precambrain period of 500 million years. The red sandalwood ink stone is simple and unsophisticated naturally, refined solemnly. It is a kind of product that appreciates the good merchantable brand of decorating and also practical value.


Chestnut of Mount Tai

Produced in Mount Tai and Culai Mountain mainly, chestnut of Mount Tai enjoys a great reputation because of its big size, fresh color, delicate quality and sweet flavor. Mount Tai area growing chestnut has already had the history of more than 500 years. It is considered as “tribute” as early as Ming and Qing dynasties. It becomes famous in international market since the period of republican. Its taste is special and greatly welcomed by consumers.


Big Silverfish

The big silverfish is a kind of small scaled and valuable economic fish, which has delicate meat and tastes good. It is rich in nutrition, and its protein content is high, while the fat content is little. It has high nutritious value, and big silverfish is a kind of ideal invigorants.


Where to buy


Inzone Shopping Mall

Inzone Shopping Mall is located at 50 meters north of Taian Railway Station. It is really convenient for tourists to get there. Covers an area of 20,000 square meters and offers a large variety of outlets. The mall also provides other services such as an ATM, a post office, a KFC and beauty salon.

Address: No.2 Dongyue Street


Sihai Shopping Malls

Taian Sihai Shopping Malls is located at Caiyuan Avenue. It is the largest wholesale market of Taian. The commodities include clothes, shoes, general merchandise and the featured produces of Taian.

Address: Caiyuan Avenue


Heavenly Street

There is a 500-meters-long street located at the top of Mount Tai, stretching from North Heavenly Gate to Bixia Temple, called Heavenly Street. Heavenly Street is the main shopping street of Mount Tai Scenic Area, consisting of over 20 distinctive shops. The shops of Heavenly Street all hang their featured commodities on their shop gate to attract people. All Taian featured products can be found here. Many of the shops provide accommodation service for pilgrims and tourists.

Address: top of Mount Tai

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