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Shangri-la Travel Season Tips

Because of the plateau climate, the weather of Shangri-La varies all the time. The weather is more favorable from April to August, when Shangri-La shows its beautiful sceneries in spring and in summer.


From April to July you can watch the blossoming of more than 160 types of rhododendrons, competing with each other in a sea of colors; reds, yellows, white, purples of every hue. It is the best period to experience the bio-diversity in Shangri-la.


May to September is the best season to enjoy the spring meadows in Shangri-la. You could appreciate the waving grass covering mountains and fields and get in touch with this fairyland shared among humans, animals and nature. As it is said in a Chinese proverb: “…to enjoy the scene of the prairies blown with a gentle wind while watching the cattle and sheep striding...”


September to October is the high season to view Shangri-la when it is painted by golden autumn. You would be intoxicated with the alpine autumn scenery, especially the alpine red flower in full blossom against the blue sky and white clouds, scrolling a fabulous autumn scene.


November to the following April is its winter, but scenic spots in Shangri-La varies from place to place. The Mingyong Glacier shows its coldness and pureness, Kawagebo Peak glitters against the dawn light, primeval forests wears a plain silver outfit, and the prairies turn silver white, easily leading one into a world described in the winter’s fairy tale.


Moreover, you could have altitude sickness after arriving at Shangri-La: shortness of breath, chest tightness and dizziness. So for the first day, you must not do exercise or drink alcohol; just have a good rest and keep yourself warm is enough.

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