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Shangri-la Travel Overview

Shangri-La, previously called as Zhongdian, is always described as a mysterious utopia. The name ‘Shangri-La’ literarily means the sun and moon in heart in Tibetan. However, the fame of this name started when the British author James Hilton published his novel "Lost Horizon". Located in northwestern Yunnan province, it is situated at the southeast edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is about 5 hours’ drive from Lijiang, which is another popular tourist destination in Yunnan.

The cultural representation...
  • How to Arrange Your Shangri-La Trip
  • Shangri-la Travel Season Tips
    Because of the plateau climate, the weather of Shangri-La varies all the time. The weather is more favorable from April to August, when Shangri-La shows its beautiful sceneries in spring and in summer. From April to July you can watch the blossomi...
  • Transportation in Shangri-la Travel
    Shangri-La has target="_blank" title="Shangri-La">Shangri-La Long-distance Bus Station and Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and other destinations. Passengers can take the bus at Kunming West Bus Station and it takes about 10 hours. The duration of the Liji...
  • Shangri-la Food
    Shangri-La's population is composed largely of Tibetans together with many ethnic minorities. This provides the opportunity to be immersed in beautiful scenery while tasting local food and drinks Tibetan Cake (sweet and crisp), Zanba, Pipa Meat, Sai...
  • Shangri-la Shopping Tips
    The city is famous for traditional and unique goods, including medicinal herbs, upland crops, Tibetan jewelry and handicrafts. Shangri-La Handicrafts Center The Shangri-La Handicraft Center is a community based organization founded to support lo...
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