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Zhanqiao Pier

Zhanqiao Pier (also called Qianhai Zhanqiao) originally built in Qing Dynasty is the first wharf in Qingdao. It was rebuilt and extended into a 440 meters long reinforced concrete trestle in 1985.


Why Zhanqiao Pier is special


Zhanqiao Pier extends into the Yellow Sea in its southern part. Seen from a far view, it looks like a long dragon lying on the sea. Zhanqiao Pier enjoys a sound reputation of “the extension of a long rainbow”. The northern part of Zhanqiao Pier is connected together with Zhongshan Road, which is a very important landmark in Qingdao. Zhanqiao Pier is now becoming a must go attraction in Qingdao.


Zhanqiao Pier highlights


Charming Seascape


Standing alongside the Zhanqiao Pier, tourists can enjoy the view of huge waves beating the dam. At the end of the pier on the sea there is a pavilion to appreciate the sea view.


In the autumn when the tide is fluxing, the west dam boasts the best view. Billows flap the dam rumbling and thriving. When the tide is ebbing, sea water withdraw back about 100 meters and many tourists would come to the reef beach to pick up clams.


Zhanqiao Park


On the north bank of the sea there is a park called Zhanqiao Park. Inside the park stand several huge pines and a beautiful lawn. At night, the lights are lighted along the corridor, creating a comfortable and leisure atmosphere. Strolling in the park is surely an enjoyable thing to do.


Recent years, Qingdao has launched a protection movement for seagulls. When the sea is quiet in autumn and winter, tourists could always see over one thousand seagulls flying into the gulf together.

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