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Small Qingdao Islet

Small Qingdao Islet (also called Xiaoqingdao) is a famous tourist destination in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Small Qingdao Islet was an isolated island about 720 meters off shore, until 1940s a seawall was built and the islet was finally connected to the mainland. The islet is shaped like a traditional Chinese musical instrument, Qin.


Why Small Qingdao Islet is special


Small Qingdao Islet lies to the southeast of Zhanqiao Pier and serves as an important resort of the Qingdao Coastal Scenic Area. Having great natural scenery as well as fancy architecture, it is a perfect place to enjoy a short holiday or simply recuperate from daily pressure.


Small Qingdao Islet highlights


White Beacon


The famous White Beacon was originally the navigation mark for ships passing in and out of Jiaozhou Bay. In the sunlight, the tower shines as white as snow while at night the light at the top sparkles like a ruby, guiding ships safely into the bay. When viewed from the sea, the beacon’s light flickers and appears to be floating on the waves. Local people consider it to be one of the ten top scenes of Qingdao and call this view “Floating Light on the Qin Island”.


Charming Natural Scenery


Small Qingdao Islet is cute and fancy. It is now a park dotted with numerous flower corridors, sculptures, waterside pavilions, and gazebos surrounded by various kinds of flowers and pines. When cherries, pomegranates and hibiscus blossom, the island looks like a fairyland. In the islet, visitors are recommended to walk along the coastline and enjoy gentle ocean breeze blowing on the face, sitting on the beach to watch and listen to the gentle waves rolling in is also a good choice. For tourists who are seeking for a short escape from changeless life and refresh themselves, Small Qing Islet is surely a best place to go.

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