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Qingdao Travel Season Tips

Qingdao, as a coastal city located to the west of the Yellow Sea, is situated in Southern Shandong Peninsula and North Temperate Zone, with the annual average temperature of about 12.3 ℃. Thanks to the impact of marine climate, Qingdao enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. As the summer resort of China, Qingdao enjoys warm temperate zone monsoon climate.


The best time to visit Qingdao is in the months of March to November. The weather is extremely pleasant during this time of the year. If not putting the weather into a consideration, then there is no good or bad time to tour Qingdao as different time has different sceneries in Qingdao. So when you visit Hangzhou all depends on your budget, tolerance for large crowds, and your personal interests.


Qingdao has a long spring period with less rain and cool weather. Temperature and humidity are rising, accompanied by fog and drizzle fairly common.


Summer is the rainy season in Qingdao. Unlike other cities of China, summer in Qingdao is not that hot. The highest temperature in the summer months is merely 25℃. August is the hottest month in Qingdao. Summer is the best time for sailing, swimming and sunbathing. Moreover, it is also a good season to taste the delicious seafood. The Qingdao International Beer Festival is held every year in this season. The sun is strong during the summer, so you’d better bring your sunscreen.


The autumn season in Qingdao is perhaps the best season of the year, as the entire city glows from fresh rains and the scenery in the city becomes all the more beautiful. The sky is bright and clear. Your eyes are filled with the most beautiful view of the natural world.


Winters in the port city of Qingdao are relatively cold, windy and snowy. Temperatures on an average hover around freezing -1.3℃. January happens to be the coldest month in Qingdao. All the mountains, trees, roads are covered by snow.

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