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Mount Laoshan

Mount Laoshan is a famous tourist destination in Qingdao, Shandong Province. The mountain area covers 446 square kilometers with an altitude of 1132.7 meters, the highest peak of Mt. Laoshan is the highest one among the mountains along the national coastal line of over 10,000 miles.


Why Mount Laoshan is special


Mt. Laoshan at the seashore of Yellow Sea is a famous scenic spot reputed as “No.1 coastal mountain”. It features as wonderful natural landscape and profound Taoism culture. Thrusting from the sea, Mt. Laoshan is linked with the sea, extending in four directions from its center—Jufeng (the highest peak). The coastal line is winding around the mountain with various rocks, islets and bays staggered.


Mount Laoshan highlights


Taoism Culture and Stylish Architecture


As a famous Taoism mountain, Mt. Laoshan owns a long history and profound culture. It is the place where Faxian, a well-known Buddhist in Jin Dynasty landed after getting Buddhist scriptures back from India. The stories “Fragrant Jade” and “Laoshan Taoist” in the book “Liaozhai Zhiyi” (a collection of nearly 500 mostly supernatural tales) written by Pu Songling in Qing Dynasty are well known to all. Besides, Mount Laoshan attracts millions of tourists for several historical palaces and temples including Taiqing Palace, Shangqing Palace, Mingxia Cave, Taiping Palace, Huayan Temple, weizhu Nunnery and Hualou Palace etc.


Mount Laoshan 12 Sceneries


Tourists who travel to Mount Laoshan could not miss the famous 12 sceneries embodies the natural beauty. they are Jufeng Xuzhao (rising sun in the morning on the highest peak), Taiqing Shuiyue (a bright moon in spring water of Taiqing Palace), Haiqiao Xiandun (natural wave erosion caves), Longtan Penyu ( the deep linns splashing sprays), Mingxia Sanyi (rays of sunshine), Naluoyanku (rock cave), Yundong Pansong (pine tree on the rock), Yanpu Chaoyin (waterfall with sound of tide), Weizhu Mingquan (spring with sound), Jiushui Mingyi (crystalline ripples in nine rivers), Hualou Dieshi (various stones), make people acclaim as the peak of perfection.

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