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Nanjing Museum

Why is Nanjing Museum special?


Nanjing Museum is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Proposed by China’s modern democratic revolutionary and educationist Cai Yuanpei, Nanjing Museum was originally established in 1933. It was one of the first museums established in China.


Nanjing Museum holds various kinds of thematic exhibitions, reached the total amount about 300 with the audience up to 12 million, including more than 500,000 overseas audiences. With opening to the outside world in recent years, Nanjing Museum carries on international cultural exchanges with Japan, German, Egypt, Mexico, Belgium, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and so on, making the greatest efforts and positive contributions in national culture propagation.


With the modernization, scientific processes and specialization management, Nanjing Museum is a first class museum in step with the world museums.  


Nanjing Museum Highlights


Out of 420,000 pieces of collection pieces, there are more than 2,000 pieces of the national first-class culture relic and the national most favorite treasures. Relics are from archaeological excavation, ethnic minority historical relic, foreign historical relic, palace ware, documents in Qing dynasty and historical relic of Japanese invader in surrender rite, all of which are national unique rare products with relatively high scientific value.


The collection of books of China and foreign countries in the museum has reached to nearly 300,000 volumes, among which are national rare valuable books and hall edition books. Ancient calligraphy and painting have reached the total amount of 30,000, including treasures from the Song and Yuan dynasties. The treasures come out top around the country both in quantity and quality.


The treasures attract the attention of experts at home and in international academia. For example, the Daxian village ancient stone implement of the East Sea in China, which unearthed newly after the foundation of the state; the ancient painted pottery of Qiu County; the bronze ware in the time of Western Zhou and Spring and Autumn pariod unearthed from Yizheng; the Golden Beast of Western Han Dynasty from Xuyu; the silk jade clothes and the golden seal of “Guangling King “from an emperor tomb of Eastern Han Dynasty in Xuzhou and Yangzhou; the celadon porcelain and “seven bamboo grove virtuous and honor” mural painting of brick engraving in Nanjing and Danyang of the six Dynasties; and the pottery shaped of the image of dancer and reader from two tombs of Southern Tang Dynasty in Zutang Mountain of Nanjing.


Nanjing Museum is the only organization that set up national folklore study institution. Thus the investigation of national folklore and collection work are another characteristic of the organization’s construction of Nanjing Museum. Originated from the surveys of ethnic minorities, such as Yi, Nahsi, Miao, Dai, Lisu and so on, Nanjing Museum carries on the special survey of folk custom, local trait of the Han nationality and furthermore makes magnificent achievements.

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