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Nanjing Shopping Tips

What to buy


Nanjing Cloud Brocade

The substantial quality, refined handwork, graceful patterns and splendid colors have made Nanjing Could Brocade the outstanding representation of the Chinese traditional culture. It is gorgeous just like could that drifting in the sky, which is the origin of the name. It is also highly reputed as one the “Three Famous Brocades” both at home and abroad.


Imitation Ancient Ivory Carvings

Imitation Ancient Ivory Carvings are very popular in Nanjing. They may depict figures, animals and vessels. Look around the Confucius Temple area for pretty ivory carvings.


Rain Flower Stones

It is a kind of natural agate stone, also named as lucky stone and viewing stone. These hard polished stones when placed in water reveal colorful patterns. They are usually a kind of precious agate. Folk artists make them into ring covers, ear or necklace pendants or other fine jewelry, originated from the picturesque Liuhe District at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Some of them like birds, stars, fish, insects, characters of the old China.


Jinling Gold Leaf

Gold is a symbol of supreme respect of power. Chinese artifacts and antique artwork such as architectural ornaments, religious statues and utensil are often gilded with a thin layer of gold leaf. The gold is manually hammered into pieces as thin as 0.1 micrometer with a complex processing method and unique technology. This traditional hand-made technique has been passed down from generation to generation.


Where to buy


Xinjiekou Street

As the most prosperous trading and cultural center in Nanjing, Xinjiekou holds many department stores, brand-name stores and large shopping centers in this area sell dazzling world-famous brands. It also gathers many large shopping malls such as Nanjing Deji Plaza, Jinying International Shopping Center, Nanjing Xinbai, Oriental Business City,etc.


Hunan Road

Located right inside the Xuanwu Gate of the city's ancient wall in the northern part of the city, Hunan Road is a bustle pedestrian street. This decorated East-West Street has hundreds of clothes shops, department stores and restaurants with the famous Shiziqiao Food Street in the middle. It is a good place for both shopping and taking guests out for dinner.


Fuzimiao Market

This all-round wholesale center is the retail source for many stores. Tourists can find any specialties with a good bargain here. Although it is a wholesale market, even an individual customer coming to buy a T-shirt won't be refused to entry.

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