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Nanjing Attractions

  • Meiling Palace

    Meiling Palace

    Meiling Palace, also known as "the residence of the chairman of the national government", is located at the foot of Purple Mountain, Xuanwu District, six kilometers from the city center of Nanjing. This palace is one of the most spectacular and elegant architectures in Nanjing with a total area of ... Read more>>
  • Zhanyuan Garden

    Zhanyuan Garden

    Zhanyuan Garden locates in the Qinghuai Area in Nanjing, and it is also called Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum. It is one of the four most famous gardens in the Southern China, and also the only well preserved Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) architectural complex in Nanjing. Zhuanyuan Garden has e... Read more>>
  • Xinjiekou Commercial Circle

    Xinjiekou Commercial Circle

    Xinjiekou Commercial Circle is the Central Business District of Nanjing. Covering the area of 0.3 square kilometer, Xinjiekou is also an important area for political, financial and governmental exchange, transportation hub as well as entertainment center. With the century-old history, Xinjiekou are... Read more>>
  • Laomendong


    Laomendong locates in the Qinhuai District, east of the Zhonghua Gate in Nanjing. It is also called the East Zhonghua Gate Historical and Culture Block. As a National 5A Scenic Spot, Laomendong is a historic site in the southern part of Nanjing Old Town. It is now a historical and cultural block, w... Read more>>
  • Niushou Mountain

    Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone

    Nanjing Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone locates in the Jiangning District in Nanjing. The tourism zone aims to establish a new heritage of Buddhism culture and a new landscape of modern architecture art. The theme of which is “Long-term Enshrining of Buddhist Holy Relic - Usnisa”. The whol... Read more>>
  • Qixia Mountain

    Qixia Mountain

    Qixia Mountain also called Sheshan Mountain, locates in Qixia District in the northeast of Nanjing. It is one of the most famous scenic spots to appreciate red maples in autumn. There was a saying as “Autumn Qixia” from the Ming Dynasty. The whole scenic area around Qixia Mountain occupies about ... Read more>>
  • Jiming Temple

    Jiming Temple

    Jiming Temple locates in the Xuanwu District, near the Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing. It is also known as the Old Jiming Temple, which is the renowned and one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Nanjing. It is a place of harmony and serenity, while its history can be dated back to over 1,700 years ago. Cove... Read more>>
  • Yuhuatai Martyr Park

    Yuhuatai Martyr Park

    Yuhuatai Scenic Area is a Memorial Park in Nanjing for the martyrs during the New Democratic Revolution in. It locates near Zhonghua Gate in the Yuhuatai District, which covers the area of 153.7 hectares with a green coverage rate of 90%. Relying on natural mountains and forests, mainly focusing on... Read more>>
  • Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre

    Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre

    Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre locates in Jiangdongmen area, which was one of the execution sites and mass burial places in the Nanjing Massacre. The memorial hall was built by local Municipal Government in 1985 to memorize the victims in the Nanjing Massacre and architecture ... Read more>>
  • Mochou Lake Park

    Mochou Lake Park

    Mochou Lake Park locates in the Jianye District in Nanjing City, which occupies the area of 47 hectares. Mochou Lake was> Origin of name According to the legend, the name of Mochou Lake came from a beautiful young woman called Mochou. She lived during the Northern and Southern Dynasty (386-589)... Read more>>
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